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To find a class, choose a location below. Click here for more details about what is involved in the classes and costs etc.

What is involved in learning tai chi?

Our beginner classes offer a friendly and welcoming environment to learn this powerful art of health. You do not have to be in great physical shape to start learning - people of virtually all ages and conditions can do tai chi.

At a beginners' class in tai chi you will be progressively shown each move of the 108-move tai chi "set" that we teach. One of our accredited volunteer instructors will demonstrate each move and give you guidance on how to perform them. Within about 4 months of weekly or bi-weekly classes you will be able to perform all 108 moves of the set.

Normally we teach our beginner tai chi course in weekly tai chi classes that last for about 4 months. However, people sometimes prefer to do a more intensive course where they can cover a lot of the moves in a shorter space of time.

This preference may be due to work arrangements (eg shift work or FIFO) that limits attendance at regular scheduled classes. Or it may simply be a desire to get a quick introduction to tai chi or to push the boundaries a little
Click here to see details of short courses in tai chi that are currently available.

Pain Relief classes are another option for people experiencing pain whether physical, mental or spiritual.

How much does it cost?

Classes are offered on the basis of a membership fee which is payable annually, half-yearly, or monthly. New members can take advantage of a special discounted four-month beginner package. Click here to find out more about our membership fee structure.

Instruction is offered on a membership basis rather than a fee-for-service, or pay-by-the-class, basis. When you become a member of the Society you are entitled to attend all of our available classes in your area and at any other branches you may happen to visit. Membership dues go towards paying the operating costs of the Society -- mainly rent, advertising, phone etc. For more details see the membership page.

What happens after I complete the beginner class?

After completing the beginner course, 'continuing classes' offer an opportunity for more intensive practice and refinement. Learning the Taoist Tai Chi™ internal arts of health is a life-long process in which the student discovers multiple layers of development in obtaining the many health benefits. The continuing classes are a place for practice and further learning. Continuing classes are listed separately in the class schedule for each branch.

There are also regular workshops in the full range of Taoist Tai Chi™ internal arts of health, such as tai chi, meditation, sword, sabre, and Lok Hup Ba Fa (another internal art with similarities to tai chi). These all help the student continue with a life-long practice to maintain and improve health and well being.