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Health Recovery Classes

All of our Taoist Tai Chi™ classes are focused one hundred percent on health and well-being, and as such they offer a path for 'health recovery'. In addition, we offer specialized health recovery classes which enable people with chronic illnesses, or those who are recovering from injuries, to incorporate Taoist Tai Chi™ arts of health into their recovery.

Whilst not intended as a replacement for Western medicine, these classes aim to complement and run along side it, offering the student the opportunity of improving their well-being, quality of life and functional capacity. As needed, movements can be adapted for those with reduced mobility. These classes are offered at selected branches and sometimes as part of hospital and other therapeutic programs.

Participants are welcome to commence in a health recovery class at any time.

In Australia health recovery classes are offered in Australian Capital Territory, Bayswater (Perth), Lutwyche (Brisbane), Fremantle, and Toowoomba

Week-long health recovery programs are offered at our International Centre in Ontario, Canada.